Belgian artist, climber and cellist Georges Cuvillier started working with Australian Company Bambuco in spring 2004 . Thats when he discovered his familiarity with the quality of the material and the structural possibilities. Sadly, Simon Barley, artistic director passed away in August 2007...this adventure had to continue.

Georges Cuvillier rigs and climbs the bamboo which originates from Hangzhou South China. His installations are a quest for rythm, fluid movements and surprisingly organic shapes. His work is about staging and conditioning public and isolated places with vertical, horizontal and diagonal tension.

Its about building bamboo structures that have never been seen before ...and then they dissapear... as Simon would say... Only the curve in our memory will remain.


Onze Lieve Vrouw straat 78
Herent 3020

0496 40 03 85

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